How to help

You can help the Levy Campaign in the following ways:

  1. Your voice – actively share information about the importance of supporting Woodridge to maintain a strong community.
  2. Your Tweets and Likes – Follow us on social media and help spread our facts. Support Woodridge on Facebook and Support Woodridge on Twitter..
  3. Your participation – volunteer to host a community coffee to discuss the levy (contact us if interested).
  4. Your financial support – We run lean campaigns but it takes money to meet all of the objections (contact us if interested).
  5. Your yard or business – We are always interested in additional locations for our levy yard signs, you can request one here.
  6. Your time understanding the facts – In addition to our FAQs, we’ve also provided the following key documents to assist in educating our community on what is at stake.

Ultimately, the success of this levy campaign is in the hands of the Woodridge Community, with your help we can keep Woodridge Local School District at the high level of quality education we have benefited from for decades.