Levy FAQ

  • 2023 Renewal Levy
  • Where can I find voting information, including timelines, registration information, absentee ballot information, etc.?

    We have assembled key details here. As always, the most current information for Summit County Voters can be found at www.summitcountyboe.com. You can also call 330.643.5200 or stop by the Board of Elections office at 470 Grant St., Akron, OH 44311.

  • Is this a Renewal or New Money Levy?

    The is RENEWAL Levy was first passed back in 2018 and is set to expire at the end of 2023.  This is NOT a new money levy.

  • How Much Will This Levy Generate For The School District And How Much Will It Cost Taxpayers?

    This levy will generate $4 million dollars for the district, which is roughly 14% of the district budget.  It will cost the owner of a $100,000 home $235.55 per year;

  • How Effectively Is the District Managing Taxpayer Dollars?

    The school district has received the Auditor of State award from the State Auditor's Office for the past 15+ years for its excellent financial practices and reporting. Even with passage of the operating levy, Woodridge will continue to keep a watchful eye on spending.

  • What Has The School District Done To Save The Tax Payers Money?
    • The school district has made multiple insurance changes.  That, coupled with insurance concessions by employees, has allowed the district to reduce their insurance rates to less than we were paying 4 years ago.
    • The school district has re-financed the construction bonds to save the tax payers over $1,000,000 dollars.  This is not $1,000,000 in the districts bank account, but it will literally reduce the amount of tax dollars that home owners will have to pay for the construction bonds.
    • The school district continues to make purchases through co-op purchasing organizations such as the Ohio Schools Council, the SCS Cooperative Purchasing Program, NEONET among others.  This provides the district joint purchasing power to save money through a bidding process
    • The school district was able to put a new turf field in Lahoski Stadium without having to go to voters for new money.  The district was able to do this by entering into a lease-purchase agreement with Huntington Bank
  • What is an Operating Levy?

    An operating levy is a levy for learning. Operating levies provide school districts money to be used for day-to-day expenses such as staff salaries, supplies, utilities, transportation, activities, and programming. These are the funds necessary to run an operate schools.  Our Operating levy will go to cover the cost of Honors and AP Courses, All-Day, Every-Day Kindergarten, Athletics/Activities/Clubs, Transportation, Field Trips, Foreign Languages, etc. .

  • Who Do I Contact With Additional Questions?

    Factual questions about district finances, including the impact of this levy should be directed to the district treasurer, Tom Morehouse, Treasurer at ​​​​​​​330-928-9074 ext 591212 Email.

    Questions related to the levy committee, community involvement, and ways you can help can be addressed to our levy chairperson.

  • What Happens if the Levy Passes?

    If the levy passes, Woodridge will be able to maintain most of its programming and services provided to students.  If it does not pass, the school district will have some tough decisions to make.

  • Can I get a sign?

    Absolutely, please request one using our yard sign request form.