VIDEO: Forum on Ohio School Funding

On October 10th Woodridge Local Schools hosted a community forum to share information on the complexities of public education funding from the State of Ohio and the specific issues that negatively impact Woodridge. This event was recorded and is now available for your viewing via the link below. On Nov 7th, your vote of support for our district matters. Additional details to assist in breaking up the video if desired are below.

We recognize it is a lengthy video with a lot of important content. Thus, you can select specific aspects of the forum by using individual links (see below) to jump to key points of the evening.

It is not surprising that there are many frustrations regarding the often levy requests to fund our district. However, few fully appreciate the reason WHY the funding mechanisms function this way. 20+ years ago the Ohio Supreme Court ruled the method by which public schools are funded in our state is unconstitutional, yet nothing has been done to correct it. Worse, our tax dollars have been used in vast quantities for failing charter schools of which we’ve had very little input.

We hope you will learn from this information and decide where frustrations need to be redirected. Support Woodridge on November 7th but also join us as we push for proper change.

Here are links to specific time points from this informational event.

Introduction / Forum purpose – Wally Davis, Woodridge Local Schools Superintendent

Why Support Woodridge and Public Education Matters – Scott Karlo, Woodridge Levy Committee Chairperson

Introduction of Bill Phillis, Executive Director, The Coalition for Equity and Adequacy of School Funding
Bill will share details of school funding cycles and how Ohio’s public schools (like Woodridge) are burdened by the over reliance on property tax levies.

Introduction of Tom Morehouse, Woodridge Local Schools Treasurer
Detailed Explanation of the Disparity in Woodridge’s School Funding with regional comparisons of public education funding.

Introduction of Mike Collins, Executive Director, Real Choice Ohio
Mike will discuss the impact charter schools have had on Ohio’s school districts and what is being done across Ohio to push for reform.

Introduction of Jeff McHugh, Woodridge Local Schools Board President
Kick off for forum Q&A and thoughts from our locally elected school board.

Forum Q&A

Full Video