Issue 19 has passed! Thank you voters!

This bond issue allows the district to construct a new elementary school complex on the Quick Road campus, make significant renovations to the high school, including the construction of a new gymnasium, and replace the roof at Woodridge Middle School.

But you might be wondering what the next steps are, here’s a synopsis.

Issue 19, Woodridge Local School’s 3.71 mill bond issue, was approved by voters on Nov. 3, with 2,765 votes for 52% and 2,601 votes against 48%.

“The passage of Issue 19 yesterday marks an historic day for the Woodridge Local School District,” said Superintendent Walter Davis. “The residents of our Woodridge communities have provided the district with an opportunity to create the learning environment our students deserve. I want to sincerely thank the many people who put in so much of their time, energy and effort to make this a reality. Special thanks to Mr. Scott Karlo, our committee chairman who led the campaign with skill and perseverance.”

With passage of Issue 19, Woodridge will build a new elementary school on the Quick Road campus, replace the roof on the middle school and renovate the high school adding a new gym and additional classroom space. The new elementary facility will replace the current primary and intermediate buildings, which outdated and in need of many costly repairs.

The district plans to keep separate primary and intermediate programs, even though they will be housed within the same building. The goal behind the entire project is to provide students a 21st-century learning environment.

Moving forward, the Board of Education will determine the exact location of the new elementary building, working with the architect to create a design with the help of a committee comprised of educators, parents and community members. A timeline for each phase of the project will also be created to map out completion dates.

The district will not let the old primary and intermediate buildings sit vacant and enter into disrepair once the new structure is built. The board of education has been proactive, working diligently to find suitable solutions for both locations.

“Our communities have trusted us to spend their tax money wisely,” said Davis. “We will continue to be fiscally responsible, open and transparent with the taxpayers as we provide our students the very best opportunities for a quality education.”