Conditions warrant new buildings, says bond committee chair

As was published in the West Side Leader, October 22, 2015:

To the editor:

I am pleased to see some of our Woodridge community members taking an active role in visiting our schools, especially as it pertains to the upcoming bond campaign. While our buildings are well maintained, there are conditions not readily visible that warrant new schools. The district staff does a superb job caring for our facilities and it is a testament to the manner in which our district has managed its resources wisely for so many years. With that said, while the buildings look sound, the reason for the bond campaign is to address things not seen, including:

  • Meeting the modern codes and design standards to provide a 21st century education;
  • Addressing water quality issues at the Intermediate School;
  • Addressing costly leaks and outdated infrastructures within the schools;
  • Addressing crowded and/or limited classroom space to meet mandated state/federal requirements.

These issues will only continue to grow as more seek the great educational opportunities afforded to them by our district. Contrary to other opinions, there is in fact notable growth within the Woodridge community, which encompasses a significant geographic area both north and south of the main campus. While our buildings appear fine, there are indirect costs that must be taken into account. Old buildings might be paid for but they certainly come with a considerable price in terms of maintenance, including inefficient systems as it pertains to utilities and water/sewage concerns. More importantly, today’s educational standards go beyond a brick building. There comes a time when a community must evaluate when spending money on aged buildings exceeds the benefits provided. That time is now. I urge the community to support Issue 19 on Nov. 3 as it will bring great things to the Woodridge community as a whole.

Scott Karlo
Cuyahoga Falls
Woodridge Bond Committee chairperson