Letter: Asks community to come together, vote ‘For’ Woodridge Local School District bond issue

As was published in the Falls News Press, October 18, 2015:

I am a proud Woodridge Alumna of the class of 2009.

Woodridge was my home for 12 years and welcomed me back after college as a member of the Woodridge Girls Varsity and JV Basketball coaching staff.

I cannot even begin to explain the countless lessons that I learned at Woodridge. However, I will explain the most important thing that Woodridge taught me; the importance of teamwork. I had the privilege of participating on many sports teams throughout my years at Woodridge. What I learned on the field/court in combination with group projects in the classroom have made me a valuable team player throughout my life.

I am now a registered nurse at Marymount Emergency Department. Being a part of the Cleveland Clinic, Marymount Hospital prides itself on the Clinic’s founding pillars, which are integrity, quality, innovation, and — the most important in my opinion — teamwork. I have carried everything I have learned at Woodridge with me into my career to make me a successful emergency room RN.

Voting “For” the Nov. 3 issue will allow Woodridge to continue to be an excellent school district in the following ways: making a new “Quick Road Campus” containing a much needed new primary and intermediate school facility, placing a new roof on the existing middle school, expanding classroom space to accommodate our growing student body, and a new and improved gymnasium for the high school. This plan is an efficient and financially responsible way for the Woodridge Local School District to continue to thrive. I want more than anything to see the current and future students of Woodridge have the same opportunity to learn, engage, and grow as I did in my wonderful years at Woodridge. Now I am asking you to come together as a community, as a team and vote “For” Issue 19.

Gessica Flasco
Cuyahoga Falls