Letter: Parent urges support for Woodridge Schools bond issue

As was published in the West Side Leader, May 28, 2015:

To the editor:

I am writing in support of the upcoming bond issue for the Woodridge Local Schools.

As the parent of a kindergarten student, I have witnessed this year the talented and caring teaching staff at Woodridge Primary. Though I have no students at any other level, friends with students in each building speak as highly of their students’ teachers. Unfortunately, as I look around the schools, the facilities are in need of a quality overhaul to match the education that is being provided.

While a talented teaching staff and a supportive community is the most important aspect of a child’s education, surrounding that staff with the tools and facilities needed for 21st century education greatly enhances the impact that the staff has on each of our students and serves as a source of pride for the entire community.

Please join me in lending your support of the upcoming bond issue and of all Woodridge students and community members.

Bryan Seward, Cuyahoga Falls