News Article: Woodridge Local Schools, Peninsula Village to work together on future of school property

Published in the Cuyahoga Falls News Press, written by Steve Wiandt | REPORTER Published:

Peninsula — If the Woodridge Local School District’s proposed bond issue passes in November and the district builds new primary and intermediate schools, what happens to the existing buildings?

In an effort to answer that question, especially as it applies to Woodridge Intermediate School on Bronson Avenue in Peninsula, school district and village officials are going to work together. The School Board unanimously passed a resolution on Aug. 11 to enter into a time of collaboration with the village of Peninsula to address this issue.

Prior to the vote, Superintendent Walter Davis said he, Board President Jan Flasco and Board Member Marilyn Hansen have met several times with Peninsula officials and talked about what can be done if and when the building and property is vacated by the school district.

“We’re all very concerned about what that will mean for the village, given that the school district staff provides a huge chunk of the tax revenue for the village,” Davis said. “And so when we vacate that school and those jobs are no longer in the village, there will definitely be a void that would be hard for them to fill otherwise. We’ve decided to be proactive … and work with the Council and the mayor to make every effort to replace the income that we have been providing.”

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