Timely Answers to Important Questions

We recognize your time is important but we also know our community has questions. Below are the key points outlining why the district is pursuing this bond initiative. You can find additional answers in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and if your questions are not answered, please feel free to contact us directly.

Where We Are: Throwing Good Money After Bad

  •  The Woodridge Local School District has worked hard to maintain all of its buildings.
  • However, a recent architectural study showed both the primary and intermediate school buildings are in need of significant repairs, the costs of which would exceed estimates to replace both facilities.
  • With growing enrollment, we do not have enough classrooms for the number of courses we have to offer each period at the high school. Additionally, the gymnasium capacity is far below what is needed for school assemblies, athletic contests and general use.
  • In addition, Woodridge Middle School is nearly 20 years old and the roof needs replacing. 

Where We Are Going: The Plan

  • The 3.71 mill bond issue would pay for a new primary and intermediate school facility on the Quick Road campus, a new roof on the existing middle school and expanded classroom space, including a new gymnasium at the existing high school.
  • The campus setting will create cost savings and efficiencies, while making transportation easier for parents with students in multiple buildings.
  • Woodridge has a tradition of being a small district with the ability to provide individual attention to our students. The updated facilities and increased space will allow us to continue specialized learning for all students.