Letter: Offers backing to Woodridge Local School District bond issue on fall ballot

As was published in Cuyahoga Falls News Press, July 5, 2015:

The Woodridge School District

is a place I have had the honor of calling home for the last nine years.

I started here as one of four mathematics teachers and an assistant volleyball coach. At that time, my name was the only name on my classroom door. Today, I share my classroom with three other teachers. Two of them have offices in the back and the third stops in to teach his class for a period.

Times have certainly changed in the Woodridge Local School District and for the better. We have added many new quality staff members, as well as many new engaging courses. What does this mean for our students? It means more opportunity to gain more knowledge and have more experiences to better prepare them for life outside the halls of our schools.

However, preparing them has become a challenge with our existing facilities. Schools built in 1928 (Woodridge Primary School), 1954 (Woodridge Intermediate School), and 1962 (Woodridge High School) don’t service our students in 2015. Growing technological advances, a growing faculty and a growing student body need room to flourish. That is why our facilities need updated.

Our students are the seeds of the future. It is important that our Woodridge community get behind the bond issue on November’s ballot. Let’s give our students room to grow and our teachers the space to help make them successful.

Miranda Weimer, Stow