Letter: Favors investing in update of Woodridge Local School District buildings

As was published in Cuyahoga Falls News Press, May 17, 2015:

My wife and I have three sons that attend the Woodridge School System.

Currently our sons attend three different schools: the primary school, the intermediate school, and the middle school. We enjoy the school district and living in the Woodridge community. Having grown up outside the district and competed athletically against the Bulldogs, I can’t believe how the Woodridge Schools have grown in size and student population. Although the small school community still exists, the tiny school district that I knew growing up is no more.

I would encourage the community to support the proposed plan to build a new school that would replace the existing primary and intermediate buildings while updating both the middle and high school buildings. The Woodridge District has the daunting task of how to continue to maintain its outdated buildings. I commend the custodial staffs for their hard work and efforts making both the primary and intermediate schools presentable to the students and the community on a day-to-day basis. At some point, though, continued cosmetic cover-ups cannot mask the inner workings of these very old and outdated buildings.

Investing in our schools will ultimately enhance the entire community. Updated facilities will provide the best educational environments and opportunities for our children to learn, grow, and prosper moving forward. Please support the Woodridge Local School District administration in their efforts to provide the community with the most safe, efficient, and up-to-date schools for our current and future generation of students.

Proud to be a Bulldog,

Dave Mottice, Cuyahoga Falls