Letter: Former student, employee urges support for Woodridge bond issue

As was published in the West Side Leader, April 30, 2015:

My family has lived in the Northampton area since the 1930s, and five siblings attended Woodridge [Local] Schools. During the ’70s and ’80s, I was employed at the Primary School. I still have vivid memories of ceiling leaks, discolored water and dark, dingy, outdated restrooms. Not much has changed. In fact, it appears to have deteriorated. Although the maintenance and janitorial staff provide an immaculately clean facility, it is painfully obvious that the facility and infrastructure are outdated and worn. Good money is being wasted on antiquated facilities that are well beyond their economic and functional usefulness, effectiveness and efficiency.

Our enrollment continues to grow, which places additional stress on our district and its facilities. We have a school district that has earned numerous awards for excellence and classroom achievement. I can only imagine how much more our district can accomplish with modern, efficient and complete educational facilities.

The November bond issue will provide the needed resources to improve and expand our buildings. A vote for the issue will allow us to move forward as a community and as a school district and allow our students to be competitive as they graduate and enter the next phase of their development. I encourage all district registered voters to vote for the bond issue.

Carolyn Flasco, Cuyahoga Falls